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Meeting: Vernal Pools

The Northern Neck Chapter of the Virginia Master Naturalists are thrilled to announce the Chapter’s March program on Vernal Pools: Fragile and Threatened Seasonal Wetlands. The meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 12, 2019 beginning at 1:15 at the Lancaster Community Library, 16 Town Centre Drive, Kilmarnock.

Vernal pools are temporary water bodies that often possess unique flora and fauna and, being temporary, they do not contain fish but are absolutely necessary as breeding areas for many things especially frogs and salamanders. Generally speaking, they occur in only in temperate regions and are rapidly disappearing along with many of these amphibians. We are already starting to hear the wonderful nighttime chorus mating calls of the wood frog and soon the spring peepers. Spotted Salamander eggs have already appeared in pools around the Northern Neck as well as some overwintering tadpoles.

The program will be jointly presented by Anne Wright, an Assistant Professor of Biology at Virginia Commonwealth University and Susan Watson, a biologist with the Virginia Dept. of Game & Inland Fisheries. Both Anne and Susan have studied the vernal pools of Virginia for many years although studies here in the Northern Neck have been limited. Come and learn about an interesting topic.

The program at the Library is free and open to all Master Naturalist as well as the general public.

Our Presenters: Anne Wright & Susan Watson