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Digital Photography Work Flow

The second in a series of NNMN Photography workshops will be on Tuesday 12 June from 1:15PM to 3:00PM at the Wilna Lodge at the Wilna Tract of the Rappahannock River Valley National Wildlife Refugee.

This workshop is “focused” on editing digital photos taken on your cell phone.  You will learn how a few simple “tweaks” in the editing process can help make a picture better and more useful for sharing.  Whether you are taking pictures with a cell phone or a full fledged digital camera photo editing is important and fun process to learn. Tweaking a photograph is a key step in helping you better use your photos to support species identification and for supporting VMN efforts related to iNaturalist and eBird.

The widely used Google APP SNAPSEED will be used to demonstate the usefulness of digital photo editing.  Marty Hill will lead the workshop by demonstrating digital photo editing on some pictures he has selected specifically for the workshop.  The workshop will be interactive so bring your cell phones with cameras and you can also learn to tweak some of your own pictures.  Suggest you download the SNAPSEED APP to your phone for the workshop.  But not to worry - if you do not have SNAPSEED on your phone you will still be able to learn the editing steps as screen shots of the editing process will be projected on a screen for the demos and interactive portions of the workshop.

Though the workshop is not intended to help you look younger and smarter in selfies, it will provide you with information to improve your pictures to include selfies. The workshop is intended to make your photos of flora, fauna, habitats, vistas, and friends better, more identifiable, and more readily sharable.