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VMN Photo Contest

2018 NNMN Photo Contest

E2g Nature Photography Contest


The NNMN chapter held an internal chapter contest to choose which photos to enter in the 2018 Virginia Master Naturalist Photo Contest.


The Results of the 2018 Contest

2018 NNMN Flora Entries

2018 NNMN Fauna Entries

2018 NNMN Landscape and Habitat Entries

2018 NNMN in Action Entries


2018 VMN Photo Contest Results

Northern Neck VMN Chapter entered one photograph in each of the following four categories, for a total of 4 photo entries from our chapter

  • VIRGINIA FLORA, to include fungi. Code: Flora

  • VIRGINIA FAUNA, Code: Fauna

  • VIRGINIA LANDSCAPES AND HABITATS (ex: sunsets, waterfalls, geology, etc.), Code: LS & H.

  • VIRGINIA MASTER NATURALISTS IN ACTION (Citizen Science, Education, Stewardship), Code: Action.


All pictures must be taken in Virginia.

In the Virginia Flora and Virginia Fauna categories, the main subject must be a Virginia native species. Non-native species may be in the background. You must know the supply and scientific name of the Virginia native species.

All entries must be photographs that have been taken in the state of Virginia by members or trainees in good standing with their Virginia Master Naturalists chapter.

All photographs must be in digital JPEG (JPG) format.

All winning photographs must be 1028 pixels on the longest side at 96 ppi. The photo can be submitted to the Northern Neck Contest without this requirement as long as the photo is at least 1028 pixels on the longest side. Photos will be converted to these specifications when they are received.

The photographer must give permission for the photo contest entry to be displayed on the Virginia Master Naturalist website and/or in a PowerPoint used for education and outreach on behalf of the Virginia Master Naturalists.

Modifications Permitted

  • Cropping, resizing, and rotating photo

  • Red-eye removal

  • One-step enhancement, such as Auto-Fix, Quick-Fix, Auto-Levels, etc.

  • Filters to sharpen, blur, reduce noise

  • Corrective functions to improve the natural appearance of the image, such as white balance, brightness, contrast, levels, exposure, saturation, color balance

Modifications not permitted

  • Adding, removing, or replacing elements

  • Artistic filters

  • Added borders or frames

For complete rules and regs see the 2018 Statewide Photo Contest Page

Previous 2016 Northern Neck Chapter Winners:


Fishing Spider on a tree, Dolomedes tenebrosus

Fishing Spider on a tree, Dolomedes tenebrosus

2016 Photo Contest Winner
Category A: Flora & Fauna
1st Place: Nancy Joel

Ebb and flow

Ebb and flow

Photo Contest Winner 2016
Category B: Landscape & Habitats
1st Place: Arlene Crabbe Kilduff

Taken with an iphone 6s

Master Naturalist in training on the Bay

Master Naturalist in training on the Bay

Photo Contest Winner 2016
Category C: Master Naturalist at Work
1st Place: Nancy Joel