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VMN Statewide Photo Contest 2019

The 2019 VMN Statewide Photo Contest has been announced.

Each chapter is allowed to submit one photo in each category.

There will be First place, Second place, and Third place winners for five categories. Honorable Mention(s) will be awarded as judges see fit.

All entered pictures will be shown in an electronic presentation format (PowerPoint/Google Slides) for the duration of the VMN Statewide Conference and Training in Harrisonburg, VA the weekend of September 20-22, 2019.

Categories this year are:

  1. Virginia Native Wildlife [CATEGORY CODE: Wildlife]

    Photographs of birds, insects, mammals, amphibians and reptiles. The main subject must be a a Virginia Native. Non-native wildlife species are allowed in the background only. Last year this was the Fauna category.

  2. Virginia Native Plant and Fungi World [CATEGORY CODE: Plant]

    Photographs of plant and fungi in its environment. The main subject must be a a Virginia Native. Non- native plant and fungi species are allowed in the background only. Last year this was the Flora category.

  3. Virginia Native Landscapes [CATEGORY CODE: Landscape]

    Photographs of natural landscapes, seascapes, the sky (sunsets, sunrises, clouds, etc.) or underwater images. Last year this was the Landscapes and Habitats category.

  4. Virginia Native Macro and Night Photography [CATEGORY CODE: M&N]

    Photographs using macro or night photography. Macro photography is extreme close-ups of subjects that are tiny in real life and the photos show details that can not be normally seen. Night photography is photographs taken outdoors after sunset and before sunrise. New category this year.

  5. Virginia Master Naturalists in Action [CATEGORY CODE: VMN]

    Photographs showing activities of Virginia Master Naturalists like wildflower walks, training activities, volunteer work, citizen science, stewardship, etc. Photographs must show the master naturalist(s) as the main subject. Same category as last year.

How the NNMN chapter will choose the photos to enter in the statewide contest

  • The dates, photo submission method and voting method will be determined at a later date but will most likely take place in July 2019.

  • Each NNMN member or trainee in good standing may enter one (1) photo in each category.

  • The chapter will make any required technical adjustments as required by the rules to all entered photos.

  • The winning photos will be chosen by a vote by all NNMN members and trainees in good standing.

  • The photos with the most votes in each category will be submitted to the state photo contest. The chapter with the help of the winning photographers will submit the photos and the submission forms to the state.

  • Any ties or voting issues will be decided by the NNMN President and an optional committee selected by the president.


  • All pictures must be taken in Virginia.

  • All entries must be photographs that have been taken by members or trainees in good standing with their Virginia Master Naturalists chapter.

  • Photograph must have been taken when photographer was a Master Naturalist in good standing. (New rule)

  • All photographs must be in digital JPEG (JPG) format and must be at least 2200 pixels on the longest side. (New rule)

  • Photographs can not show children’s faces, profiles or contain any information or image parts that can identify a child. (New rule)

  • Additional rules by NNMN

    • All entered photographs will be displayed on the NNMN website and may also be used in NNMN presentations and outreach.

    • The winning photographer must allow the winning entry to be displayed on the Virginia Master Naturalist website, in PowerPoint presentations, or publications used for education and outreach on behalf of the Virginia Master Naturalist.

Modifications Permitted

  • Cropping, resizing, and rotating/straightening photo

  • Red-eye removal

  • Corrective functions to improve the natural appearance of the image, such as whitebalance, brightness, contrast, levels, color balance, saturation, sharpening, and noise reduction.

Modifications not permitted

  • Adding, removing, or replacing elements

  • Artistic filters (including apps on mobile, photo to art-type filters, etc)

  • Adding borders or frames

For all the information and rules see:

 2019 Conference and Photo Contest Webpage