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Results of the Inaugural N-L Butterfly Count

Once again thanks to all for making the inaugural N-L butterfly count a success.

Attached are the results of the count.  Thirty-Five species and a total of 948 Butterflies counted.  Well, done.  

The final figures were arrived at after quality controlling the sector count sheets and analysis of photography by some of you which clarified the species IDs.  One example of this was a note from Adrienne Frank - our Butterfly Guru for Sector “C” - "...The Wild indigo dusky wing after careful exam of the photo found it to be a beautiful Horace’s.” 

Please Mark your calendars - The Second Annual Northumberland-Lancaster Butterfly Count will be on Tuesday 28 July 2020.

My wish for next year is that all “Skippers” triple in size and call out their common and/or scientific species names whenever we approach them.

Hope you take advantage of your “inaugural” status and participate again next year. Alumni rock!

NewsletterJeff Wright