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Meadow Notes: 7 February 2018

Meadow Myths

Flight 93 Memorial Meadow by Kyle Langford

Flight 93 Memorial Meadow by Kyle Langford

A few years ago my neighbor looked at my fledgling meadow and said, “I think I’ll throw out a few seeds, too.” I nodded, inwardly saying: “Is he nuts?”

And recently I felt vindicated upon seeing an article in the Washington Post -- written by long-time gardening columnist Adrian Higgins—with the headline: “Meadows-in-a-can are a myth. Real ones take a lot of patience and planning.”

Higgins quotes Larry Weaner, a noted environmental designer and author, as saying the simple method of tossing seeds “set back the meadow and maybe native design for 20 years, if not more.” And he details Weaner’s suggestions.

Here’s a link to the story:

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“Bringing Nature Home: How you Can Sustain Wildlife with Native Plants,” by Douglas W. Tallamy

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