Northern Neck Master Naturalists
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Project E5o Creating Meadows in the Northern neck has been added to the NNMN VMS.

Bryna's Meadow by Bryna Brennan

Bryna's Meadow by Bryna Brennan

A cadre of master naturalists can be trained to assist with meadow creation and maintenance. Initial research will include a study of literature as well as projects in the area about meadow creation, upkeep and maintenance. Subsequently, guidelines and tips will be developed, especially geared toward homeowners’ use of grass on septic fields. A train-the-trainers workshop will be held for NNMN to create a group of experts who can offer advice to and suggestions. A sample pamphlet will be created so that homeowners can ultimately maintain their meadows. During the application phase the NNMN participants will actually check out home sites, based on requests, and provide guidance. The demonstration meadow will be maintained by the chosen public entity, such as a school and overseen by the master naturalists.

The complete project proposal has bee placed in the documents section of the VMS. For details contact Bryna Brennan


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