Northern Neck Master Naturalists
Trained & Certified Virgina Master Naturalists


Nominations for NNMN 2019 program year.

Here are the proposed nominations for our 2019 program year.  All nominees have agreed to serve if elected at the next MN meeting in November.

  • President:  Kevin Howe

  • Vice President:  Kyle Langford

  • Program Committee Chair:  Bryna Brennan

  • Co-Chairman of the Training Committee:  Liz Worsham

  • At-Large Board Members:  Katie Shephard and Marty Hill    (These positions are new this year and are requested by current president Jeff Wright)

  • Historian:  Sandy Dodge

No one has volunteered to be Outreach Chairperson, but Secretary Leslie Fellows has agreed to remain as Secretary, and Treasurer Audrey Vaughan has agreed to remain Treasurer for this coming year.  If anyone is interested in serving as the Outreach Chairperson, he or she should contact one of the members of the Nominating Committee:  Carla Bangs, Marty Hill, or Bryna Brennan.